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Dear gravity,
you held me down in this starless city.
Hey, I am an alien (the cutest u can ever find XP) from the most recently found planet that gobbles up brain cells, known as NP. My name is Li Ying and I belong to the 211th century. Yes, two-hundred-and-eleven, not twenty-one. I flew down to Earth out of curiosity on 17.12.1990. My hobbies are singing, talking and eating. That's why Im in love with DM. I also like reading, watching videos and tv, listening to music, exercising and sleeping. Da Mouth is my heart, soul and everything. The air, I cant live without.
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Family & friends.
Mother nature.
Direct eye contact with DM.
Be 1mm away from DM.
Get DM's limited edition album.
DM's limited edition cap.
Sendaaisa's book.
F1 LG ROCKS concert tickets.
Try my very best.
Learn swimming.
Lose ** kg.
Digital camera.
Two pairs of jeans.
Travel to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Have lots of money.
To grow psychologically and physically.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010
B-A-C-K from M'sia
As the title stated.
The 3D 2N M'sia CNY trip started with JB and then to Kukup.
Been such a long time since I last visited my relatives.
Almost one year, I guess...
But nonetheless, this was a meaningful and fulfilling trip.
*Pics not in chronological order*

Taking pics from a professional photographer's point of view. v^_^v

Father's turn.

Taking a stroll after dinner.

Pretty sight here, isn't it?

To me, the boundless sky represents freedom.

Yummy yummy! :-d

After steamboat/lunch

Miss coming to this "mama shop", known as "新店" in Kukup. Kids like to come here.

SUPER RanDoM pic can~

Don't be cheated by its innocent look now. Its really fierce when Ah Yao and Li Ping tried to near it. And thus resulting in Li Ping taking ages to take this pic.

See the difference between the 2 pics?(above) hehe... XD (ok I admit I'm bad =X)

And here's the pics for our Steamboat dinner on CNY Eve.

Was dreamily eating this steamboat dinner as I was sleeping soundly before this. o_o

Blog spot's pictures uploader is so damn troublesome. Luckily I'm not one of those frequent "pic-bloggers" :)

Recent track backs cum thoughts:
Been thinking of having a camera since eons ago. When can I have one? :((
And I wanna own a camera-music-phone. *fantasizing**
Exams nearing...I'm so freaking scared.(as if) *rolls eyes*
Still in the CNY mood (GOSH-ing!!) when my paper is 4 days away. :( haix...
Right now I really need to get a clear mind of my current state now.
Gonna wake up to reality. Been sleeping too much lately. Reason? Idk.
'LiYing typed @ 1:29 AM♡.
Saturday, January 23, 2010
終于等到 "万凸3" 發行了!!
那至少Sunday Girls 的千田愛紗或他們的成名曲["結果咧"/"國王皇后"/"永遠在身邊"]總該知道+聼過吧?
言歸正傳,大嘴巴第三張"万凸3"專輯終于在 01/23/2010(台灣日期的寫法)發行了!




01 3010 (純音樂)
02 Rock It
03 喇舌/拿去
04 Green Kicks
05 愛不愛我
06 搜尋遊戲
07 牽心的朋友
08 Back To The Future (純音樂)
09 未來派對
10 Turn Up The Music
11 Happy Birthday My Dear
11 Shining

Rating: 10/10

'LiYing typed @ 1:23 PM♡.
Sunday, January 10, 2010
Stewart Mac Bringing 'I Love You'

Originally sang by David Tao,《愛,很簡單》.
UK singer/song writer Stewart Mac
English lyrics by Hans Ebert.
Liked this version equally.
Both versions are good.
Just thought of sharing this with those who haven't come across this singer.
'LiYing typed @ 3:58 PM♡.
Sunday, December 6, 2009
With obstacles, some people get stronger but some just get weaker.... I'm the latter.
'LiYing typed @ 12:26 AM♡.
Saturday, December 5, 2009
When I'm supposed to ....
I don't know what I'm doing now.

When everyone is busy studying for their common test now,
I'm still slacking here. surfing the net... watching youtube, fb-ing, listening to music....

Then its like everyone's saying how I shld be like them too, GO STUDY.
And I felt so bad for not doing that.

BUT I dunno... I seriously have no idea what I'm doing now.

A lot of things around me are happening now....

My life's in a complete mess now..

Everything's just no longer the same anymore.
I know, nothing is definite in life.
But, I'm dreading this... the situation I'm in now.
Its just not me. I know.
I'm so disappointed with myself, and with the life I'm leading now.

Is this what I want???
I felt like a lost bird in the sky, practically charging forward, with no goals and no intention of where the next destination is.
I know I might be worrying too much...but.. I dunno...
Its just that everything's so different now...
Family, friends, studies....everything.
I dunno how long I can sustain like this for.

Everybody is having their own life.
Even if I say, nobody would really listen to me.
Who'd care about mi when they have their own things to do?
I'm just being very self-centred, or a person who only knows how to trouble others if I approach them.

Right now, I don't even know how I'm going to finish this post.
I feel so sad... so lost... and troubled.

Maybe I've been suppressing all these for a long time.
Trying to avoid all that.
That's why I'm feeling so terrible now.
Why is this happening to me?
Everyone has their own problems.
But...I just can't take it lying down that I'm not being myself.
I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do.
What I want to do.
I'm just not me anymore.

I hate it.


I've never felt as helpless, lost and troubled as this before.
Think its bcos I've avoiding to accept the fact for the past 4 years and 8 mths...
And now that I've finally wanted to face it, I find its too huge a burden for me.
I felt like dying.
I don't know how I'm going to face tomorrow, my family, my friends, the future that's probably in store for me, everything.

I felt so weak now...

What exactly should I do now?
'LiYing typed @ 10:46 PM♡.
Friday, November 27, 2009
26th November, is my brother's birthday.

The usual thing. Happening at late 10+pm...
Bought a cake, sang a song, lalala..., blow out candles,(this time didn't even make a wish cos my brother was hurriedly blowing out the candles. dun wish to have any of his pics taken by my sis and uploaded to facebook. wonder why? shy?? LOL!!)
and then ate the cake.
yummy yummy....chocolate..I like..
too bad its only half a kg, and I can't really get to enjoy much of it. oh well...anyway, had actually bought some chicken, sausages and food from the supermarket to go along with the cake. But who knows Liping hurriedly took out the cake from the fridge, put on the candles, and then ya.. so the food's still left in the fridge now. nvm..at least I dun have to worry abt my lunch tmr for now.:)

so stayed up late last night, and woke up at 2pm today. :|

thereafter things happened so quickly I didn't even believe it happened. Until now, my sis asked mi to accompany her to Expo. SEE, I'M A GOOD SISTER! :D Quickly got changed. Met up with LQ, took a bus then changed to train. On the bus journey there, the rain suddenly poured so heavily we spotted a small flood in an area by the roadside. Ok too bad, no pic to show u all again cos I've got no cam. :(

Upon reaching Expo, the place is soooooooo packed with people!!!!

Barely can we walk through the crowd with ease, laptops... cameras...touch phones...mp5s...headphones..earphones etc....

Was looking out for cameras.

Sumsung ST550, and Fujifilm F200.

Had actually have plans of buying one of these 2 some time ago... but no money that time..still saving.
Since this time round am going to Expo, might as well see the prices.

$519 and $479.

Hmm...still a little costly for me..

But I really hoped to get one camera soon.
Hopefully before they come to SG again.
The thing is, its totally exceeded my budget. :(


As to this, I shall see how it goes again.

Haven't exercised for like almost a week...:(

Gonna start everything tmr!!!!! GOSH!!!

Oh and one more thing, I now find LQ a rather pleasant girl to be with. :)

Looking forward to our next meetup again!
Christmas perhaps? :D

Till then, will try to keep this blog alive with updates again!

Take care everybody!!(:
'LiYing typed @ 9:38 PM♡.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
HM != Home
Right now, must be wondering what HM stands for.
Its none other than the activities I've completed for today.

H for Haircut at Bugis
M for Movies at AMK Hub

Woke up early in the morning to ensure punctuality for the haircut.
Had 2 custards for breakfast.weeee.... my fav.:d
luckily the smell didn't turn bad this time. phew~

Anw, in the end I was still late by 5 mins. :(
The haircut unexpectedly took one hour longer than the estimated duration.
But well, I'm satisfied with my new hairstyle.
At least my dry ends are gone for the better now.:)
And yeah, now I've shorter hair.
Too bad there's no camera to take any pics. sobs...:'(
Its been a seriously long time since I last took pics with a cam.:(
Which is why I badly want a camera NOW!! ST 550, I'm saving for u now!!!

Anw, headed to Bugis Street after that for some shopping.
Initially wanted to buy a pair of canvas shoes cos my flat heeled shoes have all fallen in love with DM too!!!! Arghh.... it seemed as though I doesn't have much affinity with wearing them for long.
And for no reason, I bought some other things in the end except for the shoes. I spotted one, costing $23.90, but upon noticing the only $50 note left in my wallet, I feel sad for having to depart it. Soo....ya u can then guess whether I'm the new owner of it. Money money!!!!! $_$
I'm so gonna go back to Bugis again and get that pair of shoes.
Well, thereafter I headed to Orchard to meet Joanna for the contact lens solution.
Thanks gal!:D truly appreciated.

Returned home for a while to have my dinner-cum-tv(100% Entertainment show).

Hurriedly rushed out again for movies at AMK Hub.
Caught "My Girlfriend is an Agent".
It was hilarious, with some of the exaggerating scenes.
I'd give a 3.5/5 in overall.
Not too bad if u want to relax yourself amidst the stressful or boring lifestyle u've now.
For this, I have my bestie to thank for treating me to this movie.;)
THANKS yijun!!:D
Am looking forward to meeting up with u soon in Dec!!

Anw, it was a long and tiring day.

Still getting myself used to the new changes... I'll be better!! YES!!!!:)

'LiYing typed @ 11:54 PM♡.